Video Landing Page Design

Using video’s persuasive power to land more business

What is a Video landing Page?

A landing page is simply a sales page on your site that has one purpose only, which is nothing more than motivating users to take some form of action. That action may be to sell directly, let them opt-in to your email list, subscribe into a membership, etc.

A landing page is often confused with a squeeze page which is more of a short opt in form, with or without a video, where users are presented with an attractive offer, a freebie giveaway which serves as a bribe to entice them to subscribe to your email list.

Landing page design on the other hand is based on longer form sales copy that presents a problem, magnifies it’s negative consequences and then presents the solution by highlighting the benefits of your product or service along with positive testimonials, proof for amount of copies already sold and any other helpful means of persuasion, in order to overcome selling objections, while creating a sense of urgency.

Video implemented within a landing page adds an additional motivation and powerful persuasive elements. It also takes into account people who would rather watch a quick video first to know what they’re being offered and maybe read further about the nitty-gritty details if they’re interested enough. Hence the term video landing page or video sales page.

Video landing pages are are also the highest converting pages ever on a site, if the right conditions are met in the content presented. Compare this with video sales letter, where the landing page’s content is mostly based on video from text sales copy content.

Landing and squeeze pages have different looks and purpose. See below samples to know some notable differences between the two.

crazy-egg-landing page

Crazy Egg’s video landing page incorporating some essential ingredients


Video squeeze-page sample

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