Mobile Marketing

Marketing making use of mobile apps or using SMS, MMS, coupons and push notifications

What is mobile marketing and how does it work?

As Iphones, smartphones, tablets and the overall use of the mobile medium became more advanced and popular with consumers, marketers followed suite and marketing through mobile became the disruptive way audiences started engaging with brands.

In fact, according to a recent comscore report, smartphone and tablet use combined, now accounts for 6o% of all online traffic and search on mobile devices already surpasses desktop search queries.

Mobile marketing mainly makes use of mobile apps, SMS (Short Message Service) , MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), and push notifications.

This said, consider users that may also end up on your site while on their mobile devices. Is your site mobile friendly at least to present content and navigation in a user friendly manner?

Over 50% of users also open up their emails using mobile too. Luckily, email service providers have adapted responsive formatting of pages. But there are still other concerns that remain in relation to some aspects of the user interface.

So mobile marketing is not only about the technology used to communicate your message. It is also about providing a faultless and smooth experience into your audience.

Mobile marketing services we offer

  • SMS and MMS

    Send any single or bulk SMS or MMS to your subscribers, who have opted in to receive your offers or important updates.

    Unlike emails, which mostly end up ignored or forgotten, a mobile message is checked and reacted upon almost instantly, building up responsible rapport, trust and loyalty with your audience. Again, there’s a fine line here and the condition is using it responsibly, without being spammy and cause user irritation.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notifications are getting more popularity with mobile users, since it’s perceived as more of a reminder than an intrusive message.

    The main advantage here, is the ability to inform loyal or non loyal fans to be reminded about important updates or offers, even when they’re outside your app and driving them back to use your app.

  • In-App Notifications

    In-app notification also called native app notification, are messages that show up to users based on their interaction with your app and their expectations.

    For efficient marketing with this method, it is important for messages be contextual and appear seamlessly at the right time expected from users, hence making it as part of the app itself, so it won’t end up under the ad blocker app hammer.


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