Landing Page Design

The smart sales copy pitch landing page that converts without appearing too “salesy”

The High Importance of Landing Pages or the Sales Copy

A landing page is in essence an online version of a sales copy, that serves as a persuasion tool to overcome selling objections. It also creates a limited time sense of urgency to close a sale after a user reads the most important parts of the offer.

Landing pages may also be used in various forms with different outcome goals in mind. But in general, the most important components of sales copies is presenting the best solution and cure to pain points your target audience has.

Landing pages highlight the great benefits of an offer and how bad it would be to miss such a unique opportunity not found elsewhere. A sales page has to set itself apart from and above the competition, using positive testimonials, proof of amount of copies already sold, money back guarantees and any other supporting material that may ease the persuasion and sales process.

Check out also how Videos integrated into landing pages add that extra boost needed along with the persuasive sales copy on a landing page.

The Types of Landing Pages We Design

  • Long Form Landing Pages

    This is the type of sales page to use mostly with either high ticket items or when a lot of persuasion points is needed for successful conversion.

    A lot of important and useful content goes into this landing page form. Starting with an attention grabbing headline and clear sub-headline, an emotionally powerful image that is relevant to the offer and is instantly visible without scrolling the page (above the fold), a warm up strong pitch backed by evidence and testimonials, that keeps the viewer engaged between the first call to action till any section of the page, where the magic may happen and the buy button is finally pressed.

  • Squeeze Pages

    A squeeze page is a type of landing page or a sales page designed to capture email addresses from site visitors to your website or on certain social business pages, like LinkedIn,  Facebook or other.

    See also our “video landing page” and “video sales letter” services to compare.

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