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Benefits of having an E-commerce shop

Whether you have a brick and mortar business or do business solely online, an E-commerce site allows you to reach thousands of potential customers and sell your own products or use drop shipping using other manufacturers’ or merchants’ products.

But unlike an ordinary site, an Ecommerce website design has higher requirements in terms of overall functionality, user interface design, product placement, keywords precision and lots of factors that directly impact conversions and sales.

All this, combined with a proper marketing strategy, may result in a higher than normal volume of sales.

Why Our Designed Sites Sell Better

  • Our Approach

    Having an online business does not demand any less work than an ordinary offline business. In fact it’s even much more demanding, since you have to think as the customer, instead of dealing with him or her face to face.

    We prepare the site in a way that is considerate to the expectations of the majority and at the same time to make them feel they’re being served in a personal manner. We also make sure to be clear about the purchase and payment process, the delivery, refund policies, warranties and all necessary information that helps make a positive decision and take action.

  • Friendly Navigation

    Uploading products and displaying a BUY NOW button does not make your site any different from the millions of sites out there making the same mistake.

    When you hire us to do the job, we guide you in how to be specific about benefits and advantages of your offers and other helpful details, that motivate users to favor buying from you.

  • Think Like Your Customer

    Consider yourself in a physical store looking for help from a staff member for recommendations.

    If you don’t find anyone around to help or don’t get any satisfactory answers for your inquiries, would you still consider supporting that business or would you rather look for an alternative merchant?

  • Content Design

    Customers buy with their eyes first. Designing site content and tasteful display and easy categorization of products without overwhelming or distracting a user’s view is vital in a customer’s decision making process.

    We give great importance to the user experience, equally to that if not more than just the nice looks of a site.

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