Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint

A step-by-step practical and actionable guide that helps achieve growth systematically and consistently to help your site reach it’s highest potential.

Why Businesses Need a Targeted Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re running a B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) type of operation, you need to first and foremost understand who would be more likely to purchase what you’re offering or better yet who exactly is your target audience. Needless to say, it would be irrelevant to promote any hair product to bald people. And conversely, not everyone with normal hair is to be considered a good prospect for your hair products.

That’s why it’s vital for a solid marketing strategy to heavily rely, on relevance, evidence of interest and proof of intent.

You may already know your product or service is geared more towards a certain gender (if it is), or you may assume your offer should naturally interest certain demographics, and you may again be partially right in those assumptions.

But is it smart to build your sales and marketing strategy on assumptions and hope to be right? What if your offer has the potential to reach a larger market or other specific audiences that you may never have thought about or dismissed totally, thinking they’re not a good fit.

With today’s advanced tools and technology, and before investing deep into advertising and promoting, you can test your offer’s relevance first, get accurate and solid data, analyze pros and cons, improve or tweak your offer details and build up a successful marketing campaign based on solid analytics.

A digital marketing blueprint goes through all these steps and more, to assure you don’t waste valuable time and money on false hopes and presumptions.

What's Included in this Blueprint

  • Market & Keyword Research

    This is an intensive research, to discover market interest level in your business or offer, the competition’s overall strength or weaknesses, relevant important keywords and search engine results and start forming a preliminary action plan .

    It helps in identifying;

    • Level of demand for your products or services
    • Competitive challenge
    • Site content creation ideas
    • SEO difficulty evaluation
    • Calculating average cost of advertising through search, social or other
  • Current Status Audit

    Here it’s where we run an audit into your current status within your niche market, comparing it with your competitors, and the overall web environment.

    We do a complete evaluation of available as well as needed content and assets inventory, like articles, infographics, videos, case studies, free guides, slide shares, etc.

    This is an important step that helps acknowledge where you are at with your online business, where you want it to be within a reasonable time frame, and what steps you need to take in order to get there.

  • Identify the Pros & Cons

    We then help identify your strengths, weaknesses, available opportunities or any obstacles that may be hindering into reaching your goals, whether it’s technology related, like (target market using devices that your site is not yet ready for, or your site navigation structure not being very user friendly in a way to offer a good experience to your prospects, site loading speed) as well as many other important conversion related content factors.

  • Recommend Relevant Measures

    Now that we have all the essential information that matters to your case, we prepare a recommendations report with all step by step actions that are needed to be taken, in order for you to start implementing, following an additional guide that we supply.

    In case you have totally no experience in marketing campaigns or for any other reason you would prefer for us to take care of the implementation part too, you should choose our full digital marketing service instead.

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