Thank you for your interest in ClikArt. We’re a digital communications boutique agency located in Montreal, Canada. We offer technical or operational help with anything related to your online business site development, digital marketing strategies and any type of online or offline, instructional, promotional or marketing videos production.

The journey through the online virtual landscape has enormous challenges and much more than what we’re used to in the physical world.

Running a successful website requires complex intelligence gathering abilities and precise analysis of actions performed by site visitors throughout their buying cycle. You would need to track all clicks and observe patterns and touch-points, to be able to tell what a visitor is looking for. It’s nothing like a face to face interaction with a client. It is indeed more like reading your site visitors’ or potential customers’ mindset and proving their intentions with zero assumptions, segmenting cold, warm and hot prospects and identifying each one’s exact needs in order to offer a better customer experience to be able to eventually convert most of them into qualified leads or buyers of your products or services.

And while this online field comes with it’s numerous challenges, for us, making a living from a business that also helps others succeed, is in itself an extremely rewarding experience.

Thanks again for visiting and we look forward to serving you anytime you need a helping hand!


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